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The Rhythm of Moods (And the End of the World)

I thought I was the only one who saw but the wind carries secrets and it tells them to you  it traces the bruises that remain on your skin  it draws a picture of all of the people you knew  that cold breeze whispers the stories they told you it’s even exhausting for the sun to stay awake  when it’s cold it all seems a little bit heavier and even the stars are learning to fake  nobody talks about it nobody says a thing heavy eyelids are so easy to close it’s so easy to ignore the screams  One day, when the mountains swallow you home  If it’s any consolation dear, at least, you’ll hear The waves lull you to sleep with a sweet lullaby They’ll say they tried to warn you, every year  falling leaves reveal skeleton trees and the dirt collects in the snow I’m sorry to introduce the cold truth to you I was hoping that you didn’t know - Erin Beck

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